Who we are.

At Sound & Bright, we are translating our passion for laser interferometry into NDT research and industry solutions.

About Us.

At the forefront of laser interferometer design, Sound & Bright is committed to the development of innovative LU receivers for non-destructive testing (NDT). We are a small, California based team with a track record of building cutting-edge instruments for industry and research. Our customers span the globe and range from top universities doing additive manufacturing, bio-medical or seismic research to major steel companies and government defense labs. We not only developed multi-channel random quadrature (MCRQ) technology—thanks to grants from NASA and NSF—we are the only company on the market to propose instruments that offer the rugged reliability, versatility and sensitivity it provides. We continually explore new partnerships and tailor our technological innovations to suit our customer’s needs in a rapidly developing NDT market.

Bruno Pouet


Dr. Bruno Pouet’s work has been devoted to the design and improvement of optical and acoustical techniques for application in nondestructive evaluation. As a research scientist at Northwestern University from 1991 to 97, Bruno established and advanced many innovative techniques and technologies. These include a photorefractive heterodyne interferometer and optical noise reduction technique for speckle interferometry (Patent: US5481356), among many others. 

Today, Bruno applies his extensive R&D experience in optics, acoustics and electronics to his position as Sound & Bright’s Chief Technologist. His laser ultrasonic sensor based on multi-channel random-quadrature interferometry (Patent US7978341, US7864338, US7729881) is the basis of our Quartet system. We are the only LU system manufacturer on the market to use this innovative and proprietary technology. Bruno is also responsible for designing our Two-wave-mixing based Tempo systems, including our Tempo 2D which was developed with a grant from the National Science Foundation.